The revelations of a UK prostitute

About Bella

Bella, the young UK-born lady, at the age of 25, has completely changed the field of activity. Some time ago, she worked in an office, led a normal life, and was content with little. Once realizing that such a life was not for her, she decided to devote herself to another craft.

Having decided to work as a prostitute, the girl completely changed her life and openly talks about it. The first thing worth noting is that for an hour of her services, she receives $ 550. And if the week is "fruitful", her earnings are about $ 10,000. As she told her story, Bella shared her observations about what men need and why she left ordinary life.


Has everything millions of girls dream of

The life of a young British lady includes everything millions of girls dream of, including expensive restaurants, yachts, designer clothes, and travel. More recently, she was an unremarkable girl, leading a modest lifestyle, and today she is bathed in luxury. As soon as a boring, low-paying job began to weigh on her, she realized that it was time for a change. Bella heard about escort services when she was 19 years old.

Past work experience

This is how Bella describes her past work experience: “The office atmosphere was filled with boredom and frustration. Everyone who worked next to me was miserable and overwhelmed. All the talk was only about the fact that everyone was tired of such a life, and the work had long been hated. Communicating with these people, I realized that I don't want to spend my whole life like that. "

Study about the industry

“In 2015, Nottingham was my home. I first discovered this job when I came across a Nottingham Escorts reviews website. I used advanced search options to study information about earnings, and about everything related to this area. I liked the possibilities this work gives. And it's not just about expensive things, gifts and so on. I liked the fact that I myself can distribute the working day. Choose the right time without tying yourself to a specific schedule. This makes it possible to take care of personal affairs when necessary. I wanted to fly to have a rest - there is no need to ask anyone about it, ”the girl says.

Escort services

If we talk about escort services, Bella offers various kinds of companionship. This can be a gala event, dinner, out of town, private evenings, and business meetings. There are no restrictions on intimate services either - classic or group sex, fetish, domination, etc. There were meetings with married couples, as well as with young inexperienced guys.

“My clients have included doctors, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, single and married men, ordinary employees, and millionaires,” Bella proudly proclaims, but every connection is not casual or ill-considered. “When I make an appointment, I do some future check. If something makes me doubtful, I refuse. "

Returning to hometown

The girl was an independent escort for two years until she returned to her hometown. Arriving in South Kensington, she officially got a job at an elite escort agency. Since childhood, Bella knew about her attractiveness, so she was always confident. In addition, there were many wealthy men around her, whom she was interested in. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that she found herself in this particular case.

“Most of the meetings are held in hotels or private residences. But some only need a companion for dinner. The number of clients is different every week. The job allows me to attend social events, sail on yachts, and fly on private jets, ”says Bella.


With regard to earnings, it is not always stable. In one week she can easily earn several thousand, in the next nothing. There were times when there was no work for several months. Clients are very often generous, Bella calls the biggest tip $ 5,000. As a high-level escort, Bella started earning more but also spending: “I was able to afford the car that I had dreamed of all my life.” 

But there is still not enough money to buy a house of her own. Bella says that this is not her dream anyway because, since childhood, she was not used to staying in one place for a long time. “We moved a lot, because of this I think that even as an adult I will not be able to sit in one place for a long time. "


“The nice thing about the work is that men not only pay for the time they spend with me but also pamper me. I very often receive gifts, ranging from luxurious lingerie to expensive jewelry. The last one was a bracelet with diamonds, pink, ” the girl boasts, “I think this is due to the fact that my clients appreciate not only beauty in me. I am a fragile graceful blonde, I have blue-green eyes, and am an equally charming character. I think this is the whole point. I am able to support absolutely any conversation, get into a position, understand, and show sincere sympathy. My mental ability makes me an interesting conversationalist, but I can always talk about funny topics. My self-confidence does not go beyond, I know my worth, but I never emphasize it. Men love women like that. Of course, many are only interested in appearance. But there are those who meet with me just to find out what kind of person I am. "

Having met many different men, Bella realized that not everyone turns to escort services solely for the sake of sex. Many of the married men return more than once, for many reasons. Someone has not received affection from his wife for a long time, someone feels like a loser next to her, and someone just became uninterested.

“Every person is different. For some, sex is important, for others, good society. Many men who are humiliated and not supported by their wives are looking for this in escort girls. They get what is not in their family. Business rich men invite us if they want to be distracted by forgetting about business. "


As for her personal family, her mother knows about the field in which her daughter works. Despite the fact that the mother is a woman of strict convictions, she still resigned herself to Bella's work. The father has no idea what his daughter is doing, and Bella sincerely hopes that he never finds out about it.

Camster Sexcam Site Review

Camster Sexcam Site Review

Camster is one of the most small-scale sites which is not very popular unlike Chaturbate or Camster consists mainly of active models from the US.

There is limited information on the background of the Camster site, although it appears that Camster is based in Miami. The site claims to receive over two million exclusive visitors a day.

Camster's first impression

This site receives approximately two million daily visitors. tCamster’s serves to host amateur models from one's living room as a side project.

During the recent time there are only 157 camgirls, while none were cam boys, a couple and a trans model. While in contrast with other sites, they are very slim pickings.

Any cam site shouldn't focus on writing at all, these sites are filled with tons of errors, these tiny mistakes call into question the credibility of the company and it shows that a company can't run its business.

How seriously do you take These little things? Whenever any company doesn't care, it's not tough to guess how seriously they're taking their cyber security and their audience privacy including their models.

Camster's features

Camster has several different levels for having intimacy in the chat rooms, and it even allows you to enjoy a spy mode, where you come in and see someone's private chat - which is what you do.

There is also a good plus point for all the viewers. Like all cam sites, visitors can tip the models on this site as they serve as a way of saying thanks or requesting for a better time they've been given.

Camster also provides members to rate the models by their appearance and performance, which will help the viewers filter high-quality models and low-ranked models.

Another unique offering of Camster is that it gives the option to the viewers for sharing their camera with other models inside both the group chats they even have Squirt Cams. This will help them to create a sexier and more shared between the spectators and the models.

Camster allows members to exchange much more intimate information than other sites, especially in private chat.

Pricing Plans and Membership on Camster

Like most of the cam sites, registering and creating an account with Camster is free and affordable. Once members have signed up on the site, you can be a part of a free group chat. There you will get to know the models and decide about payment for them.

Would you like to bring the model to the show or your private chat? Watching models chat for free, they often have questions about something they call their "subject".

If the member sparks an interest in the model, he or she can tip the model and help them reach their target.

As soon as the model reaches a certain price she is looking for, she will start the show and start the discussion and requested actions.

Group Shows: They generally cost up to $1.99 for one minute. The best part is there is no limit to people 's entries. Anyone can enter and enjoy.

Private Chats: If you want to have a private chat instead of group one, you will have to pay a bit more. It costs approx. $3.99 per minute and only one person will be able to communicate. So it's more Intimidating and sexy.

Reality Kings: Let The Professionals Handle It

Yes, the main interesting thing about Reality King is, only professional pornstars and amateur girls are here. You know the difference between a newbie and a professional when it comes to live sex and fucking. The professionals know how to turn you on, how to play with your emotions, your dick, and finally how to give you a perfect orgasm. Teens to old aged women and MILFs are gathering here. Having a site like this one is going to help you so much in your leisure. However, before being addicted to these awesome stars, you must know everything about them. Let's know it.

What About Their Services?

  • You'll be completely stunned by seeing the amazing collection of this site. The site has 40 other mini-sites with this mega one. They have such a big collection of hot videos. More than 13,000 videos are giving them high traffic daily.

  • They don't stick to themselves in old ways. They know how to attract more traffic with more amazing. You'll be happy to see their creativity in porn videos. Happy, sad, smiling face and sex videos in every possible way, are there. They don't forget to update their list twice a day.

  • Though they have other 40 sites, particularly on this site, you get all the categories you desired. Teen fucks, blowjob, handjob, fingering, couple-sex, threesome, foursome, and others. 

  • Videos are downloadable at HD quality. Small in size but every movement is visible. The videos will be downloaded as zip files. You need to extract those. The purpose is to protect the content inside.

  • The membership area is cheap compared to others. You can enjoy the premium shows for $1 only for 2 days. And you can become a member for 30 days for $7.

How The Shows Will Entertain You?

As all the models are pro players, don't get confused about the show. We have encountered few videos among 13,832. All of these were amazing. The most interesting thing about pornstars are, they can feel the moment and make you feel the same way. 

Again, for the sake of the readers, we are discussing the categories here shortly. Every kind of fetish or the videos, the viewers often search for are arranged properly. Like big tit shows, gang bang, Mom bangs son, foursome, and BDSM too. 

With awesome acting skills and HD quality videos, it is for sure that your lone time won't go in vain with Reality Kings. Skyla Nova, Leah Gotti, Lisa Ann, Nikki Jugs and other popular pornstars are on the hotlist. 


The viewers who love to play and love to see professionals, Reality Kings is for them. All the popular pornstars are offering amazing twice a day. The videos are categorized and made on the mindset of the viewers worldwide. So, whatever country you are in and whatever your fetish is, it will be fulfilled here. Hence, be a part of this community without any hesitation. We hope your journey with Reality Kings will be fruitful.